Lit Unit: Sample Pages


The book opens by immediately introducing the main character and his problem in Chapter 1. What is Ben's problem? What does he want from his dad? What is Ben like? What does he want to do when he grows up?

In Chapter 2, how does Ben's problem get worse? Now he has two money problems to deal with. What is his main problem? What is his secondary problem? What is the question in your mind at this point that will not be answered until the end of the book?

In Chapter 3 Ben is concerned about how his money problem is affecting his relationship with who? So another problem is to prove he is enough of a ______ to take _________________________ for his actions.

What does he do first in Chapter 4 to try to solve his problems? How does that work out?

In Chapter 5, what do we learn about Ben that will make it difficult to prove he can take responsibility like a man? What happens that appears to solve his main problem? His secondary problem? What are Ben's plans for his life when he grows up? At the end of that chapter, he thinks his problems are solved. Are they?

On the first page of Chapter 6, what does Ben want from his dad? In Chapter 6, 7 and 8, we see Ben working at solving his problems. On the last two pages of Chapter 8, what can't Ben decide? In Chapter 9, what is the outlook on his money problems? At the end, how does Ben feel about himself?

In Chapter 10 what changes in Ben's relationship with his dad--how does his dad start to treat him differently? What happens that gives Ben another shot at solving his problems?

In Chapter 11, what does Ben need to do now to make this happen? What else happens in Chapter 11 to complicate Ben's problems? On the last page, what is Ben unsure about? What does Ben want from his dad?

How does Chapter 12 increase the tension among the three main characters? On the last page, what can't he decide about himself?

What does Ben do in Chapter 13 that adds to his relationship problems? How does he feel about his money problem at the end of the chapter? What can't he decide?

At the beginning of Chapter 14, what can't Ben decide? What does Ben do or not do about his problem? What does he do that aggravates his problem?

How does the situation get worse in Chapter 15? What does Pete say that makes Ben happy and hopeless at the same time? How likely does it now appear that Ben will be able to solve his money problem and the problem with his dad? How many things can you find in this chapter that build the tension? How do you feel at the very end of the chapter?

In Chapter 16, does Ben act like a kid or a man? How does he respond to fear and danger?

In Chapter 17, what important truth does Ben realize about himself? What important decision does he make about his money problem? What does he conclude about this day? What decision does he make about his future?

How does Fred feel about Ben in Chapter 18? Why did his feelings change? Why does Ben feel different about Fred now? What insight has Ben gained about life? What problems does Ben finally solve in this chapter? How? So what did Ben learn this weekend that he wouldn't have learned in school? How does his dad feel about him now? Will Ben's relationship with Fred and his dad be perfect from now on? What does Ben decide about his future?

Without conflict, a story has little or no interest. There may be conflict with one's own self, with another person, or with some outside force such as nature. What are some conflicts that various characters in the story experience?

Who is the viewpoint character, through whose eyes the story is told? (You see and hear what this character sees and hears.)

Point of view: Is this story told from the first person, second person, third person, or omniscient point of view?

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Lit Unit: Sample Pages