by Jan Young
Sequel to The Orange Slipknot


"Jan Young has written an authentic work both in general and in the details. Her understanding of ranch life in northern Nevada is clear and true. Also her portrayal of the Lucas family is genuine and quite poignant at times. The adolescent struggles of young Ben are played out against a rich backdrop of a world where self-sufficiency and being a good neighbor are considered the norm. His youthful trials and tribulations as he strives to please his father and yet hold true to his own ideals are so engaging to read. The author has not only researched her subject well but also has a clear understanding of the changing times with regard to working with horses on a cattle ranch. This is a very enjoyable read!"
--John Saint Ryan

"I just finished reading Starting the Colt, Jan Young's exciting sequel to The Orange Slipknot. As I read Starting the Colt it was so familiar I felt like I was back sitting on the corral fence forty or so years ago...I could hear again familiar phrases and see the action and feel the horses reaction. As I followed Ben's adventure I was especially interested to see how he would resolve his inner conflicts. I was pleased with Jan's conclusion."
--Milly Hunt Porter, author of The Horse Gods
Editor of Think Harmony with Horses, Ray Hunt, and True Unity, Tom Dorrance

"Jan rounds up a good bit of knowledge and feel for life’s lessons and the tribulations of a troubled young horseman in the Basin country. Listening to Fred and the "new" traditions of old horsemanship puts Ben squarely at odds with his father Pete's ideas of the "old" tried and true cowboy up and ride out the buck that he wants his son to learn. All the while, Ben's faced with the realities of dealing with life's lessons in loyalty, responsibility, family, and how we get along with people and horses alike. Although Jan’s work is fiction, I can say that, coming from the background I have, and looking back at parts of my youth, back in the day, there’s a whole lot of truth in the story of Starting the Colt. A great read!"
--Smokie Brannaman

"Jan Young’s second novel, Starting the Colt, presents colt starting and horse training at its best. Twelve-year-old Ben Lucas faces a choice many colt starters must make—use the traditional method of breaking a colt or step outside of the box and work with the horse and learn its language. Readers also follow Ben through other adventures and anticipate the choices he will make to avoid getting into trouble. It’s refreshing to read about rural life through the eyes of youth. Ben’s work ethic and his ability to reason through his trials and adventures make him a good role model for readers of his age. Young’s experience in Nevada’s ranching community adds credibility and accuracy to her novels, which makes reading Ben’s story that much more meaningful."
--Becky McGuyer, high school journalism teacher and avid rider

"Great story...Good stuff for boys, for sure!"
--Connie Vellekoop, author of Alex and the Pirate's Cave

"Author Jan Young returns to the northern Nevada sagebrush country to create a sequel which endears readers again to Ben, the ranch boy whose curiosity and enthusiasm can land him in tight troubles."
--Marcia Melton, author of The Boarding House

"Once again Jan Young brings us Ben Lucas, the colt named Soapsuds, and life in the ranch lands of northern Nevada. Young Ben finds himself caught between his father, a hard riding, "ram and jam" cowboy, and old Fred, who is grouchy with people but gentle with horses."
--Jim Moore, author of Ride the Jawbone