Lit Unit: Sample Pages


In each paragraph, write the correct bolded word in the blank.

20%, second, 500,000
Hay is produced on nearly ___________ acres located throughout Nevada. Hay is the _________ most valuable agricultural commodity, accounting for nearly ________ of the total agricultural value produced (2001).

guinea pigs, humans, dairy, 8, 3, one, Japan, rabbits, winter
Nevada's top-quality hay is used to feed ____________ cows not only in Nevada, but also in surrounding states and in other countries such as __________. Beef cattle rely on hay to eat during the ______________ months. Horses and even pets such as ____________ and ___________ ______ are fed hay. So although ___________ do not use large amounts of hay directly, it is an important part of our lives. Hay can be cut ____ to ____ times each year. Annual hays are usually cut only _______ time each year.

Deer, carbon dioxide, air, oxygen, matter, erosion, tasty, roots
Growing hay improves ___________ quality by removing ____________ ______________ and adding ____________. Hay improves the soil by providing organic ____________. Alfalfa and clovers return natural nitrogen for use by other plants. Hay production also protects the soil from _____________ by providing a cover of vegetation and forming _____________ that hold the soil in place. ___________ and other wildlife also find hay to be ____________.

home, irrigation, wasted, western, laws, city
Nevada hay requires _____________________. In the ______________ United States, water __________ and rights regulate how farmers use water to grow food for ______________ people. These property rights are similar to property rights to own a _____________ and lot. Water cannot be ______________ or used improperly.

sprouts, hay, producers, humans, world, Arabic
Alfalfa, which means "best fodder" in the ________________ language, is also known as Lucerne in most of the _____________. Most animals prefer to eat alfalfa to all other types of _________. It is the most valuable hay grown in Nevada because of its importance to milk ___________________. Alfalfa is also one of the few hay plants eaten by ________________. Alfalfa ___________ are used on sandwiches, in salads, and as flavorings or garnish on meals.

Lit Unit: Sample Pages