Lit Unit: Sample Pages


Many websites are listed as resources for these Nevada pages. As you research the following questions, take the time to browse these sites for more information on Nevada.

General information:

What is Nevada's population?
What is the growth rate of Nevada's population?
What is its rank in population among other states?
How many people per square mile? In the US?

What is the fastest growing state?
What five Nevada counties have the least population? What is their population?
On your own: What is the population of your town and your state?

About how many square miles is Nevada?
How many miles across at widest point? How many miles from north to southernmost tip?

What does "Nevada" mean in Spanish?
Nevada is ______ square miles, ______ miles long, _______ miles wide, and ranks ________ in size among the states.
Of Nevada's mineral resources, which three are primary?
Of Nevada's agricultural resources, what animal is most important? What crop is most important?
What are Nevada's five main rivers?

On your own: The governor of Nevada is ________________________.

The Nevada state bird is the _______________________________.
The Nevada state animal is the ____________________________________.
The Nevada state flower is the _________________.
The Nevada state trees are the _________________________ AND the _________________________. The _________________________________ is the oldest living thing on earth.

Lit Unit: Sample Pages