Lit Unit: Sample Pages


Gopher Trapping:

What was Ben's income per gopher?
He caught 235 gophers; what was his total income?

What two expenses did he have?

Ben paid Alvin 5 cents per gopher for the use of his traps. How much did he owe Alvin?

If the fuel tank on his four-wheeler held two gallons of gas and gas cost $2.59 per gallon, how much would one tank of gas cost?

If Ben filled his tank twice, how much was his total gas expense?

Using those totals, write out a problem showing income minus expenses, and label each number.

Making a Riata:

The strings for braiding a 70-foot riata must be one third longer than the finished riata.
How do you find 1/3 of 70: add, subtract, multiply, or divide?
What is 1/3 of 70?

Let's call 1/3 of 70 "t."
Which expression shows how to find the length of the strings?
70 + t, 70 - t, 70 X t, 70 divided by t.

How long must the strings be?


If a harobed can pick up 69 bales and stacks 10 loads side by side to make a haystack, how many bales are in the haystack?

How many pounds are in a ton?
How many pounds of hay is 4 ton of hay?
At 100 pounds each, how many bales are in 4 ton of hay?

If a cow eats 10 pounds of hay a day, how many pounds of hay will 300 cows need per day?
How many 100-pound bales is that?
How many bales would be needed in January?

Cost of Ranching:

You are shopping for a ranch to buy. Prices average from $1 million to $6 million. For $6 million, you can buy a ranch that includes 300 head of cattle and all the equipment. For $1,500,000, you can buy a ranch without any cattle or equipment, and it needs some improvements. You have the money to buy the second ranch. You apply for a loan to buy 300 head of cattle and some equipment and to fix the place up. You show your banker the list of expenses on the next page (figures adapted from an actual budget). Find the total for each item, then find the total at the bottom.

Lit Unit: Sample Pages