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Jan Young
The Orange Slipknot
By Jan Young
Illustrated by Pat Lehmkuhl
Middle grade novel


Raven Publishing

With the current economy, inviting an author to travel to a speaking location can be expensive. Why not use cutting-edge technology for a fraction of the cost? Why not have a VIRTUAL author visit? It's easy! Details at my "Skype an Author" site.

I am available to speak at schools, teacher groups, writers' groups, homeschool groups, etc. Below are some ideas for topics--let's discuss what you have in mind and see if we can customize something that will work for whatever age group and group size. I have some slideshows and props. I can do presentations whether or not the students have read the book. Suggestions for contract, planning, book sales and funding can be found at School Library Journal.

Interactive Reading: The Orange Slipknot. Modeling to students how to become better readers by helping them interact with the text and the author. Beneficial to both students and teachers.

How to become a writer: for students or adults who are thinking they may be interested in writing.

Becoming a published writer: for adults or high school students who are serious about writing

A History of Ranching in Nevada: a slideshow/lecture illustrating how elements such as the western movement, the gold rush, the transcontinental railroad, the Civil War, and the public lands issue interwove to bring about large-scale cattle ranching. Includes the influences of the open range, fencing, water, hay, Basques, buckaroos, and horses. 4th grade to adult, includes teacher handout.

Writing exercises for students: 3rd grade and up.

How I came to write this book: slideshow, 3rd grade and up.

How I actually wrote this book

How I become a writer

Nevada, buckaroos/cowboys, horses, the wild horse issue, agriculture/beef, ranching today

I can also do a math, science, or social studies lesson for 4th grade and up.


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