By Jan Young

You can input The Orange Slipknot into your school's AR system using the following information:

4th grade level, 5.0 points
10-Question Test
(asterisk indicates correct answer)

1. Ben is in trouble with the cowboss on the ranch because…
a. Ben let the cows eat the haystack.
b. Ben's prank caused a horse to die. *
c. Ben was rude to his wife.
d. Ben caused him to lose his job.

2. What does Ben plan to do to solve his problems?
a. He will work for Fred every day after school.
b. He will run away from home and get a job.
c. He will help his dad start some colts.
d. He will get a job and earn all the money he owes. *

3. Alvin teaches Ben how to make money by…
a. trapping gophers. *
b. training horses.
c. raising calves to sell.
d. repairing ATV motors.

4. Why does Ben start making a riata?
a. It is a project for his 4H class.
b. He is going to enter it in a contest to earn some money.
c. He is paying Skeeter for the pair of reins he broke. *
d. His best friend has one and he wants one just like it.

5. Ben's grandpa offers to…
a. give him a horse.
b. give him the money he owes. *
c. smooth things over with the cowboss.
d. buy the riata he is making.

6. Why does Ben's dad take him out of school for a day?
a. He is rewarding Ben for getting straight A's.
b. He is taking Ben to visit his grandparents.
c. He thinks Ben might get into a fight at school.
d. He needs Ben to help gather cows on the mountain. *

7. Why do the cattle on the mountain need to be gathered?
a. They need to be brought home before it snows. *
b. They got out when Ben left the gate open.
c. It is time for the mother cows to have their babies.
d. Someone has been trying to steal them.

8. Pete and Fred have a big argument at cow camp about…
a. which direction to take the cows.
b. who will drive the truck.
c. Ben helping with the cows. *
d. who really owns the white horse.

9. On the trip down the mountain, Ben learns that Fred…
a. used to be a world-famous bronc rider.
b. had a son who died. *
c. is the real owner of the ranch.
d. is about to die from cancer.

10. In the last chapter, Ben gets what he really wants, which is…
a. a horse of his own.
b. the money his grandpa promised him.
c. a brand-new saddle.
d. for his dad to be proud of him. * 3rd grade


Accelerated Reader Installation and User's Manual, pg. 86-87:

To add a test, go to the Test List in the Teacher Program, and choose < Add > from the Tests Menu. Presented inside the window are the test numbers available for the new test. Select a test number, and enter the basic information about the book except for the number of points. The computer calculates the number of points automatically based on your input about the number of words in the book and the grade level. We will discuss the fields in more detail.

Title: Enter the test title, making sure to move any article (The, A, An) to the end of the title as shown in Fig. 7.02. The total length of the title can be no more than 65 characters.

Author: Enter the author of the book, last name first, with a comma immediately after the last name, as shown in Fig. 7.02. If the author has only one name (i.e., Avi), you must put a comma after the name.

Number of Questions: Enter the number of questions that this test will have: 5, 10, or 20.

Words in Book: Enter an estimate of the total number of words in the book, as determined previously in this chapter.

Reading Level: Enter the book's reading level, as determined previously in this chapter.

Point Value: The Accelerated Reader calculates this field based on the reading level and word count figures you provide.

After filling out the information about the book, you are ready to begin entering the actual questions for the test. From the Add Test window (see Fig. 7.02), click < Questions > to begin entering the actual questions. Enter the question, then enter one correct answer and three alternate responses. Make sure that you put the correct answer in the correct answer field. Press < tab > to move to the next field. Press < shift-tab > to move to the previous field.

After providing the question, correct answer, and three alternate answers for the first question, click the right arrow to enter the second question. Fill in the fields as you did for the first question, and click the right arrow to go to the next question. Continue this way until you have entered all of the questions for the test. To save the test, click < Done >.

You can print out any teacher-made test by creating a Test Questions Report. To create a Test Questions Report, select the tests for the report from the Test List. Choose < Reports > from the Tests Menu. Select Test Questions from the list, and click < OK >. After the report appears on the screen, you may print it by clicking < Print >.